Technical debt is there. Here are the resources to identify, define, and manage your technical debt.

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    MIT System Design and Management Presentation

    How to Analyze and Visualize a Large, Interconnected Software System: A Study of Fedora 20 with Lessons for All by Dan Sturtevant, PhD., and Dave Allan Presented on January 26th, 2015 – YouTube video of presentation available here, presentation slides here When working inside a system of enormous scale, people often understand only the part with which they are involved. As long as the whole system is sufficiently modular, people tend to believe they can construct reasonably reliable [...]
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    Insight: Evolution of the Firefox Codebase

    Evolution of the Firefox Codebase presents a set of metrics for all releases of Firefox that are indicative of quality and allows one to inspect them through one of several views. By looking at changes in these metrics, one can see the evolution of the Firefox codebase over time.   [...]
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    Research: Hidden Structure

    Professors Alan MacCormack and Carliss Baldwin describe complexity analysis methods in this Harvard Business School working paper, “Hidden Structure: Using Network Methods to Map System Architecture.”   [...]
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    Tools: Analyze Your Code

    Find out where the technical debt lives in your codebase with our free online tool. Developed by systems engineers and researchers at MIT and Harvard, Code MRI provides a snapshot of your code. You’ll get insight into bugs and spaghetti code ”furballs” quickly and easily.   [...]
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    Webinar: Cost of Complexity

    In this webinar, Dan Sturtevant talks about measuring architectural complexity across a large commercial software codebase as well as the different risks incurred by the firm that developed and maintained it. [...]

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