Analyze Your Code

Find out where the technical debt lives in your codebase by contacting us at Silverthread.

Developed by systems engineers and researchers at MIT and Harvard, Silverthread can provide you with a snapshot of your code. You’ll get insight into bugs and spaghetti code “furballs” quickly and easily. You’ll receive an analysis of your code with a Design Structure Matrix (DSM) — a visual representation that will allow you to see problem areas.

DSMs are tools for analyzing the interconnectivity patterns inside a technical architecture. They allow developers to:

  • Identify parts, their connections, and the functions that those parts perform.
  • Document the various physical and functional interconnections in a DSM.
  • Rank those interconnections based on their desirability or undesirability.
  • Cluster or “chunk” the connections or interactions into different possible groupings or “modularizations” based on the strength of interactions between parts.